Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DFW Vista

The view from the Grapevine Golf Course, looking south towards DFW.

Unlike New Hampshire, spring has clearly arrived here. I am struck most by the vibrant green of the leaves on the trees. And the cotton-ball clouds are always a welcome sight.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big D

The pilot just announced that we are starting our descent to DFW. For almost 20 years, this would have been a return flight, bringing me home. This trip, it’s away from home in New Hampshire, as I return to the Dallas area to attend a conference.

Living nearly two decades in Texas leaves many memories, but I’m not particularly nostalgic returning tonight. Perhaps the smell of the air and the sight of the expansive land and sky will stir some dormant emotions. Living amidst the tall trees of New Hampshire, I can say that I miss the “big” skies – which are not unique to Montana – particularly seeing the sun rise from and set into the prairie. But that’s pretty much the extent of Texas that inspired me. It certainly wasn’t the blast furnace summers.

Texas and Dallas held me for other reasons: relationships and career. Sarah and I moved here. Lori and I met here. Andrea and Grant were born here. And I found my religious faith here.